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At Blossom Lingerie we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. Wearing a correctly fitted bra makes a difference not just in comfort but also gives your body a better shape. The wrong size will lack support for your breasts as well as cause neck, shoulder and back pain. If your bra is not supportive enough your muscles will have to do all the work.

In our experience we find best way of working out your correct bra size is to try on a range of different sizes and bra shapes to determine what feels right and what gives you the correct fit. All bra styles and lingerie brands fit slightly differently so it is important to find out what suits you the best.

Please read our fitting guide carefully and if you have any further questions then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Top Fitting Room Points to Remember:

  • The under-band of the bra should be firm and secure enough around your body to lightly grip to your rib cage and not slip or move when you are active.
  • The front and back of the bra should sit at the same level around your body, and the back should not be pulled up higher by shortening the straps.
  • The wires in the cups should be touching the rib cage at the centre front around the bust and at the underarm, the wire should not press against the breast tissue. A firm enough under band should hold this in place on the ribs.
  • Your breasts should not be bulging over the cups but the cups should not have any loose fabric either.

Top Fitting Room Problems:

The Back Band Is Riding Up!

This is usually because the band is too big and not providing you with enough support. To solve this, try going down a back size until the band feels firm but comfortable. If the band already feels firm enough, try loosening the straps.

The Bra Straps Dig Into The Shoulder!

Firstly check the back band isn’t riding up. You should be able to run two fingers under your straps, they're not there to take all the support but to balance out your breasts.

The Centre of the Bra Isn't Lying Flat!

This is usually because the cup size is too small, try going up a cup size. If your breasts are naturally close together, maybe there isn't enough room for the center piece to lay flat and you could try going for a plunge bra if this is the case.

The Cups Are Wrinkled And Gaping!

The cups may be too big, or the straps too loose. Try tightening the straps or if this doesn’t work, try a cup size smaller. Remember most of us have one breast bigger than the other, but you should always fit the larger breast.

The Band Is Too Tight!

The back band may leave an imprint on the skin, the same way that sock and knicker elastic bands do; however if the band is painful or leaving bruising then you may need to try going up a back size.

My Breasts Are Spilling Out of The Bra!

The cups are too small. Try going up a cup size until your breast tissue is totally incased in the cup. 

Caring For Your Bra

All bras are complexly constructed to support, and often use delicate or specialist fabrics. Taking care of your bra will ensure it keeps its shape and structure longer ensuring comfort and support.

Please read our tips below to ensure a long lived bra.

Can I machine wash my bra?

Lingerie manufacturers usually recommend that you hand wash a bra, this is because a machine can cause damage to it. We would advise that you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to avoid damage that can include:

  • The underwire coming loose, damaging your machine and ruining your bra
  • The foam moulding of a t-shirt bra becoming crumpled and losing its smooth appearance
  • The fastening damaging other stitching or delicates

If you do use a washing machine, we recommend using a laundry bag and setting a delicate, low temperature cycle.

Can my bra be tumble dried?

We would not recommend using a tumble dryer even on a low heat setting as this would damage any elastane in the fabric. Any padding would also be likely to wrinkle or shrink.

Tips for hand washing my bra?

Use cool water and a detergent designed for delicates. Drip dry the bra to dry, do not wring out as you may damage the bra, but don’t worry delicate and synthetic fabrics tend to dry quickly.

How can I increase the life of my bra?

We would recommend that you do not wear the same bra for two days running, as a break in wear will allow the fabric time to recover its shape. Carefully wash your bras regularly and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

How should I store my bras?

The correct storing of your lingerie will help keep it looking great for longer. Moulded bras need special attention, you can fold them in half and put one cup inside the other, or stack them side by side, but ensure you take care not to dent the cup shape by stuffing them into a drawer. 

All About The Bra

Do you ever wondered what lingerie manufacturers mean when they talk about 'wings', 'slings' or 'centre gores'? Here is a jargon-busting guide to bra.

About The Bra

1. Apex

The apex is the part of the bra where the strap joins the cup.

2. Strap

The strap keeps the cup in place but should not take the main weight of the breast.

3. Adjuster

The adjuster is used to tighten or loosen the strap accordingly.

4. Hook & Eye

You can usually fasten a bra on the first, second or third hook and eye. We recommend that when you buy a new bra, it fits snugly when fastened on the loosest hook and eye. This is because your bra will stretch over time and you will need to use the middle and tightest hooks to keep it firm later on.

5. Cup

The cup is the part of the bra that supports the breast. The bottom part of the cup is often lined for extra support.

6. Centre Front / Centre Gore

The centre front or centre gore is the piece of the bra that fits flat against the chest in between the breasts. It is sometimes part of a cradle.

7. Cradle

A cradle helps position the wires and cups securely against the chest. Many women therefore find bras with cradles more comfortable to wear.

8. Sling

Some bras incorporate a sling into the inner cup to provide additional support to the side of the breast to stop it from spreading out to the side. It is popular to use a sling in cups for larger breasts or for any size when the outer fabric is too delicate to provide enough support on its own.

9. Wing

The wings, when fastened at the back, not only secure the bra to the body but also pull the wires into position to sit around the breast.

10. Underband / Bottom Band

The underband or bottom band runs along the bottom of the bra and anchors the bra to the body. It should fit snugly against the body, providing the majority of the support for the breasts.

Styles of Bra

Full Cup BraFull Cup

The Full Cup Bra is designed for support and comfort for women with larger cup sizes. The bra should gently embrace the breast and provide control yet comfort.

Balcony BraBalcony Bra

The Balcony Bra style lifts the bust to create a fuller cleavage effect. The straps are generally set wider apart to create a square neckline; ideal for showing off you cleavage in low-cut tops.

Plunge BraPlunge Bra

The Plunge Bra gently pushes the breast together to create a cleavage boosting effect. For extra support opt for a padded plunge. Ideal for wearing under a V-neck top.

Multi-Way BraMulti-Way Bra

A Multi-Way Bra is a very versatile bra that has been designed to be worn in a variety of ways. Great for wearing under a range of outfits.

Strapless BraStrapless Bra

The Strapless Bra is specifically designed to support without the need of straps whilst still offering Comfort and support. Ideal for wearing under strapless eveningwear.

Soft Cup / Wireless BraSoft Cup/Wireless Bra

The non-wired Soft Cup Bra is designed to be supportive yet very comfy. They’re great if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding or have just had an operation.

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