The Definitive Christmas Lingerie Guide: How To Buy

'Tis the season to be jolly – jolly confused as you straddle the fine line between the aisle displaying unassuming robes and the one stocked brazenly with titillating essentially private lingerie section. How did you end up here, you ask? Wouldn't it have been easier to buy a potted plant, a book maybe, some perfume?

For those brave souls taking up the lingerie gauntlet this festive season – for themselves or a loved one - we have three top tips:

1. Buy for Both of You
Ignore proclamations of the season of good-will as the time for buying presents for other people – obey your instincts and pick up something that will tickle your fancy as much as your partner's. Just remember that lingerie is a necessity as well as a luxury, and that it will be worn outside as well as inside the bedroom. Look for comfort and support as well as class.

2. Measurements Matter
Whether buying for a partner or yourself, measurements are fundamental. The wrong size can turn a beautiful gift into an enduring nightmare as wires dig in, elastic snaps or you find yourself befuddled by the lingerie equivalent of collapsed marquee. Follow the fitting guide, and men - browse your lady's underwear draw to get a good idea of what she likes in terms of style and brands, as well as size.

3. Buy Online
For the self-conscious, online shopping has soothed away the raucous fear and resounding awkwardness of browsing in-store. There is nothing quite as disconcerting for men as being the only bloke in the underwear isle, and there is nothing quite as awkward for staff as having to guess the cup size of your partner based on clumsy hand gestures. Browse our extensive range of exciting Christmas lingeriefrom the comfort of your home today.

Finding the Festive Amid the Frills

Now, you might fall foul of one of the festive seasons biggest pitfalls – remember this: you are not a Christmas decoration. Dress like a goddess or buy for a goddess, but do not under any circumstances be tempted to turn yourself or a loved one into a Christmas tree. Much fumbling will result.

Finding a balance between the decadent and decorative is a fine art that a couple should learn to enjoy. By all means explore and experiment, but try to do so with a level head. Consider choosing lingerie that can be worn after Christmas, opting for colours and styles rather than symbols and overt Christmas motifs, unless you're going for the one-time wonder for a truly special occasion.

You should find colours and styles that suit an existing wardrobe, as well as things like skin tone. Remember, it's Christmas: only buy items that can be exchanged with a receipt.

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